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Diese Länder sind die größten Metaverse-Vorreiter der Welt

Foto: Envato / Ross Helen

These countries are leading Metaverse pioneers

Metaverse platforms have become a worldwide phenomenon. However, Metaverse technology is more prevalent in some countries than in others. These countries are currently in the lead:

1. China: the Chinese state as a Metaverse provider

  • 183.13 million Metaverse users, 16.7 percent Metaverse penetration

According to an end-of-2023 ranking published by Metaverse agency Metaversed, China boasts the highest Metaverse usage in the world. However, the dominant metaverse platforms are under strict government control and subsidization in line with China’s strict internet censorship. Popular Western Metaverse platforms such as Roblox, Fortnite, and others cannot be accessed in China.

The most popular Metaverse platforms in China

  • “Land of Hope” (希壤, xīrǎng): Users can create personal avatars and chat and interact with each other in virtual environments. The smartphone app emerged at the end of 2022 as competition to Meta/Facebook’s “Horizon Worlds.” It is published by the Chinese search engine giant Baidu.
  • “Super QQ Show”: Likewise, this app is a virtual chatroom with customizable avatars. Similar to Nintendo’s popular life sim “Animal Crossing”, users can set up their own personal virtual space. The app is operated by Tencent, China’s largest Chinese technology company. Its graphics use the Unreal Engine devoleped by favmous US-based games studio Epic Games. Tencent has held a 40 percent stake in Epic Games since 2012.
  • “Tmall Luxury Pavilion”: Tmall, China’s leading online luxury store, was expanded in 2022. Avatars, three-dimensional stores and virtual catwalks have been added. According to the publisher, 80 million customers have shopped on the platform to date. The publisher attributes the high number of users to the numerous lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic in China. Alibaba Group, China’s largest IT company, is behind “Tmall Luxury Pavilion”.
Source: YouTube / Alibaba Group

2. India: Media giants and smaller players coexist side by side

  • 41.43 million Metaverse users, 5 percent Metaverse penetration

The Indian market for Metaverse platforms is vast and dynamic, with a variety of apps and platforms. The downside: Many of them proved to be short-lived, such as a 3D world for Bollywood fans announced in 2021.

The most popular Metaverse platforms in India:

  • Disney Starverse: In 2023, the Disney conglomerate launched its own Metaverse platform specifically for the Indian market. Its name refers to the Indian media conglomerate Star India, which has been owned by Disney since 2019 and has been renamed Disney Star. Currently, “Starverse” specifically targets sports fans. Users can explore a futuristic 3D world with customizable avatars, chat and watch live-streamed sports events. These include the Australian Open, various NBA games, and the FIFA World Cup.
  • OneRare: A “Foodverse” where users can cook recipes and collect the corresponding ingredients to unlock NFT dishes. Additionally, users can earn the cryptocurrency $ORARE. Numerous restaurants have already joined the platform as sponsors. The app provider is a young startup from Delhi.
  • Kiyaverse: A Metaverse platform focused on banking. Participating banks will be able to create personalized Metaverse offices populated by avatars offering digital customer service. There are also plans to implement a decentralized financial system using tokens. The publisher, kiya.ai, is headquartered in Mumbai.
Source: YouTube / Digital Kiya ai

USA: The birthplace of blockbuster apps

  • 37.14 million Metaverse users, 12.3 percent Metaverse penetration

Metaverse platforms from the US continue to set the standard for technical excellence. Due to the high global popularity of American Metaverse apps, some user count data has been made available, allowing us to rank the most popular Metaverse platforms.

The most popular Metaverse platforms in the USA

  • Roblox, 250 million monthly active users: Rather than a traditional metaverse platform, Roblox offers a virtual universe composed of parallel, smaller worlds. Users can create worlds of their own and even add game mechanics. Creating Roblox games requires programming skills.

  • Fortnite, 90 million monthly active users: The runner-up also eschews traditional metaverse mechanics. Epic Games’s Fortnite is a 3D battle royale game. Participants are plunged into an expansive 3D world and must battle using a variety of weapons. Last man or woman standing wins.

  • The Sandbox, 200,000 monthly active users: An open 3D world where virtual land can be bought and sold. Users can also create and monetize their own games using the Sandbox Game Maker. Possible games include obstacle courses or action sequences in which opponents must be defeated.

Worldwide Metaverse usage: the runners-up

  • Indonesia: Metaverse Users: 23.47 million, Metaverse Penetration: 12.0 percent
  • Brazil: Metaverse Users: 20.48 million, Metaverse Penetration: 12.3 percent
  • Japan: Metaverse Users: 14.73 million, Metaverse Penetration: 12.4 percent
  • Russia: Metaverse Users: 12.90 million, Metaverse Penetration: 9.9 percent
  • Mexico: Metaverse Users: 11.50 million, Metaverse Penetration: 12.2 percent
  • Philippines: Metaverse Users: 9.88 million, Metaverse Penetration: 14.1 percent
  • Turkey: Metaverse Users: 9.84 million, Metaverse Penetration: 14.1 percent
  • South Korea: Metaverse Users: 8.82 million, Metaverse Penetration: 18.0 percent
  • United Kingdom: Metaverse Users: 7.91 million, Metaverse Penetration: 10.1 percent
  • Germany: Metaverse Users: 7.85 million, Metaverse Penetration: 10.1 percent
  • France: Metaverse Users: 6.64 million, Metaverse Penetration: 11.0 percent
  • Pakistan: Metaverse Users: 6.37 million, Metaverse Penetration: 4.9 percent

Beyond numbers – other true Metaverse innovators

Not every country can boast impressive Metaverse user numbers aus of yet. But some countries, such as Finland, Japan, and Colombia, have already made a name for themselves with exciting initiatives and innovations:

Finland – The world’s first Metaverse initiative for the future: Starting in 2024, Finland aims to play a key role in shaping the Metaverse. The focus is on ethical and responsible development of the Metaverse, including strict data protection and regular market monitoring to identify potential societal impacts of the Metaverse. The initiative was launched in close cooperation with more than 400 members of the Finnish business community, including renowned companies such as Nokia, headset manufacturer Varjo, and Extended Reality expert Dispelix. The goal is to make Finland a leading metaverse location by 2035.

Colombia – the first trial in the Metaverse: On February 15, 2023, the Magdalena Administrative Court in Santa Marta, northern Colombia, held a trial in the Metaverse to resolve a traffic dispute. The judge accepted a direct request from the plaintiff to hold the public trial in the Metaverse. The virtual trial took place on Meta’s Horizon Worlds platform.

Japan – First School in the Metaverse: In January, Japanese VR and Metaverse developer AOMINEXT announced plans to develop a Metaverse system for a fully virtual high school in Japan. Students will be able to attend the school remotely with customizable 3D avatars and receive a regular diploma.

Tuvalu – the first digital twin of an entire country: Experts predict that the island nation of Tuvalu will be completely submerged in the Pacific by the end of the century. Therefore, the government plans to create a digital twin of the island to keep the culture alive virtually. While the island’s residents will be forced to relocate, a presence in the Metaverse could enable Tuvalu to continue acting as a sovereign nation.

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