Welt der Wunder Rolls Out Media House Of The Future

Europe-based media house transforms media through blockchain technology

2021/08/09, Munich, Welt der Wunder, the media house of the future, is excited to announce its plans to transform big media through blockchain technology. The company maintains three pillars:

1. Television stations in Germany and Switzerland

2. Highly innovative and digitized distribution platform

3. Production house

These components are similar to mainstream studios (i.e. Paramount) but built upon blockchain technology to disrupt the market. Welt der Wunder is the first of its kind to create a media house based upon blockchain technology for media transformation from investors to roll-out and publicity.

Welt der Wunder enables a streamlined discovery process that allows direct business and helps to remove administration costs which make up to 50% of the price. For investors, this is huge. Welt der Wunder will include both traditional equity investors as well as more blockchain and cryptocurrency oriented investors. The company is a fully digitized blockchain and AI-driven content marketplace for professional buyers, sellers, and investors. The Welt der Wunder utility token (MLT) is already available on the market, and a security token offering is in the near future*. An NFT version specially developed to produce/co-produce and finance valuable film and TV licenses will be available shortly as well. Production, Distribution, and Broadcasting will be tokenized through tokenized through utility tokens, security tokens, and NFTs.

Hendrik Hey:

"Hendrik Hey, Founder of Welt Der Wonder, explains, “The COVID-19 pandemic has had a substantial impact on the television and video production industry, mirroring its impact across all arts sectors, shutting down or delaying production of television programs in many countries with consequent negative impacts on revenues (through rights and advertising sales) and employment. But even prior to that, the industry suffered from a very outdated approach to content production, financing, and distribution. Around the world, all of the major programming trade fairs have been canceled and won’t likely resume anytime soon. This results in less variety, less innovation, and more and more repetitions. Our vision is to ease up the licensing process, help in reducing the cost of generated content by removing middlemen, get early feedback on generated content directly from the consumers, and will make the content available all around the world in one go.

Simple but a long-awaited solution in one place!"

Eugen Nussbaum (Business Director) adds:

"We always have been ahead with our vision of media and the whole ecosystem involved. We are a very enthusiastic and innovative team of creatives, producers, developers and business dudes. Always curious and always open-minded. As we came in touch with blockchain technology some years ago, we have been working intensively on the opportunities that blockchain and crypto offer in our industry and are convinced that this technology is a game changer in this sector."

About Welt der Wunder TV

Welt der Wunder is a well-known Media Company in the DACH Region with many international networks. The company has existed for more than 25 years. We produce content, distribute, and air content through our two TV Stations in Germany and Switzerland.

Welt der Wunder Sendebetrieb GmbH Security Token Offering*

Ticker: MLT-S

Instrument: 20% equity participation rights

Start Date: August 16th 2021



Welt der Wunder TV

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