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Like last year, the summer heat is currently bringing devastating forest fires to Greece. The majority have so far erupted in central Greece and Crete. But how do forest fires start?

Dolphins are intelligent. They can learn things, communicate with their fellow dogs and hunt in groups. But that’s not all: the marine mammals have their own self-awareness and can recognize themselves in the mirror – an ability that very few animals have.

On Tuesday night you fought with medieval knights, on Wednesday you flew over the sea. But for some reason, you can’t remember the dream you had on Thursday. Sound familiar? This is why some dreams are remembered and others are lost forever.

We can fly like a bird or suddenly find ourselves naked in front of our boss: some of the things we experience in our sleep are just strange. With a few simple tricks, dreams can be experienced consciously – and even controlled.

Soldiers in crisis areas or aid workers on disaster relief missions often have traumatic experiences. The images, sounds and smells remain with some people for the rest of their lives. What happens in our brain? And can trauma be healed?

A song that is stuck in our heads is a snippet of music that plays over and over in our minds. The tricky part is that we can’t control this process. But how does this happen? And more importantly, what can we do about it?

There are some bad habits that we would like to get rid of as quickly as possible. But why is this often so difficult? Why is our brain so attached to recurring behaviors and what can we do about it?

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