Cryptocurrencies: How private investors taxes profits correctly in Germany

More and more people invest in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) by buying cryptocurrencies. While gains on stocks and securities are subject to capital gains tax, other regulations apply in the digital world. With these advices the tax declaration succeeds. Entrepreneurs use ICOs to finance their business idea. For this they create new cryptocurrencies that investors […]

ICOs: light and shadow of virtual IPOs

The total value of all cryptocurrencies currently stands at 185 billion US dollar (stand of 11/01/2017) – five times higher than at the beginning of the year. Latest trend in the scene are so-called ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). In these virtual IPOs companies don’t issue shares, instead so-called tokens. But what are the risks and […]

The Blockchain technology: What is behind the hype?

Blockchain technology is the largest invention of the internet so far. The diversity of using the concept is huge and yet only a very few people know what’s behind this idea. Fact is, blockchain will change our lives – to whatever extent. A good point to take a closer look at the concept. Why to […]

Digital money: How do cryptocurrencies work?

In 2009, the first digital coins were created – called Bitcoins. Since then, other new cryptocurrencies followed, which received more and more attention thanks to adventurous price developments. Today, nearly 2,000 different currencies are in circulation. We explain how the system behind works. Summer 2007: A speculative bloated real estate market triggers a global banking […]

Digital wallets: How do I keep my crypto money?

Gold under the bed, bills in the purse or credits on the bank account – there are different ways to keep your wealth. New are so-called wallets, digital purses, to deposit your crypto money. But how safe are they from outside access and what should be considered? A digital wallet on computer, USB stick or […]

How to create an ETH and ERC20 wallet?

Who wants to buy, sell and accumulate MILC, Ether or other ERC20 needs a so-called wallet. You can find out here which wallets are suitable and how to create a digital wallet. There are several wallet providers and wallet versions on the market. For MILC, those wallets are suitable which allow token based on the […]