MILC ICO lowers hardcap

High demand in private sale reduces the number of tokens in main sale/public sale.


Welt der Wunder officially announces that the hardcap of the MILC ICO has dropped from 90 million euro to 39 million euro.

The high demand for the project of important strategic investors and partners reduces the stock of MILC tokens available for pre- and public sale. There are now 10,608,000 MILC tokens (formerly 20,800,000) offered in the main sale.

The former hardcap of 90 million euro described the maximum revenue structure in a sale of all available tokens at the full price of 4.79 euro. It therefore represented a rather theoretical maximum value.

The investors have agreed to holding periods of 12 to 24 months and are focusing very much on the MILC-based project and its success in the international media business.

The current adjustment is a realistic estimate that takes into account the strategic investments, discounts and the main sale (pre- and public sale).

Welt der Wunder was guided in his decision by the wishes of his investors and his community and wants to comply with this measure.

The intended and in the agents described in the application which should be reached in the ICO amount 21 million euro. A potential sell-out of the ICO based on the new hardcap equip the MILC-based project farther generously and opens the additional opportunities described in the white paper to drive the platform's success.

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