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When does the ICO/Token Sale start? How can I purchase MILC-Token? What is the current state of the project? We get daily questions about our Blockchain-Project, so we summarized the FAQs for you. If you still have questions, contact us: ico@weltderwunder.de

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MILC ICO General

What are the advantages of the MILC? Why invest? What is the difference between the MILC ICO and other ICOs?
Most of the previous ICOs are StartUps, which have a good idea and vision, but the realization and success are first to be proven. Welt der Wunder has been part of the media industry for more than 20 years and a broadcast network with a German and a Swiss TV channel. The distribution platform is developed and used together with our partner Swiss TXT. With decades of experience, we don’t enter a new market, but solve paint points by offering a sophisticated solution - with ongoing trading and good supply and demand.

What risks exist when I invest?
The token sale represents a voluntary contribution towards the development of this project by its current and future team as it is described in this whitepaper. The token does not grant any redemption rights, direct equity stake nor profit sharing. It does not represent an owner ship right or claim in the platform, revenues or intellectual property, either present or future.

Despite best efforts of Welt der Wunder and its diligence to bring this project forward, all contributors should be aware that their contributions are not refund able and accept the inherent risk of project failure at any stage of development, affected by either internal or external factors that are out of the control scope of Welt der Wunder. Furthermore you are expected and agree to give full considerations to all risk factors, including but not limited to the volatility of cryptocurrency prices and markets in general, risks of systemic failure, risks of code failure, bugs, hardware failure, loss of data, theft, lost usernames, passwords or private keys, incorrectly executed transactions and/or hacks which can lead to, inter alia, the complete loss of the token.

How can I purchase MILC tokens?
For the purchase of tokens, we provide our own Launchpad on our homepage. This is an application that guides the user through the buying process.

What is the contract address?
  • Contract Address: 0xD717B75404022fb1C8582ADf1c66B9A553811754
  • Decimals: 18
  • Symbol: MILC

When does the platform go live?
After the end of the ICO, the final development will take about six months, so that the launch of the platform in Q4 2018 is expected.

Will an Exchange listing follow?
We see the tradability of tokens as an essential part of an ICO. From the regulator's point of view, a key issue in classifying tokens is "whether they are tradable or transferable from the very beginning of the ICO." Since the MILC is a utility token with a clear function on the platform, a listing during the ICO is not guaranteed and answered at the earliest after the ICO.

How are the funds used?
The licensing, trading and distribution platform project is based on existing technology already in use at Welt der Wunder. Thus, the funds from the ICO flow into the expansion of the platform and the integration of blockchain technology. In addition, international distribution and promotion of the platform are an essential part of the use of funds. In the case of an "oversubscription" funds are invested in the realization of new programs.

Why a new token, why not use Bitcoin?
First, the ICO serves to accelerate the project. More financial resources allow faster platform setup and distribution. On the other hand, this creates a separate ecosystem in the media world, in which the MILC plays a central role.

Are there restrictions on crowdsale participation for citizens of certain countries?
The offer of MILC tokens is not being made to the U.S. and to US persons, Canada, China, Vietnam, and any other country or jurisdiction where such an offer would be considered unlawful.

Can I contribute to the platform and do business with private material?
Yes, while the initial development will address the BtoB (Business to Business) industry, the platform and the MILC license matrix are also suitable for CtoB (Consumer to Business).

Is there a bounty program during the ICO?
Yes, we have a bounty program. There are following bounty pools: Content (Articles, YouTube videos, Infographics) Twitter, Contests, Community Feedback, Translations, Bonus. More information about this you find on Bitcointalk. In addition there was already a small media experiment.

Is there a referral program during the ICO?
No, we have deliberately decided against a referral program.

Are there any global players who have signaled their interest in participating?
Yes, we have ongoing conversations with partners on all sides. This means both large broadcasting groups, as well as content aggregators and content owners / libraries and producers. LOIs (Letter of Intention) will follow ...

Why the ICO out of Switzerland?
Our consulting partners and the technical service providers that are important for the platform project are based in Switzerland. This proximity creates the ideal environment for our project. Furthermore, Switzerland is the hotspot for blockchain technology and ICOs. The largest ICOs come from Switzerland, there is also the Crypto Valley and many companies / partners to this environment.

I have heard of Corda R3, will the MILC switch to another blockchain?
The MILC token is an ERC20 token on Ethereum. We will use another block chain for the contracting and licensing process. At the moment we are checking which is best for our project. Corda R3, HyperLedger or BigChainDB are some of them.

How does the KYC process work?
Swisscom will guide you through the Signing Service website, please have your passport or identity card and your mobile phone ready.

At the beginning, you will be asked to enter your details (including title, gender, first name, surname, date of birth, nationality, address and domicile, email, mobile phone number). You will then be redirected to a call agent, which you will be asked to call the displayed 9-digit operation number. The call agent guides you through the identification process and takes pictures of your face and identity papers. During the conversation, he sends you a TAN ("Pincode") on your mobile phone. Entering this TAN in the browser completes the identification process. Your personalized token purchase agreement will then be displayed. You can sign this by requesting a new TAN.

Please note: At the end of the process, a window will remain open for 30 seconds where you can download your signed contract. Please do this and keep this contract securely, as the process will then be irreversibly completed and the data encrypted.

The service is available from Monday to Saturday, from 08:00 to 22:00 (GMT +1).

Is there a HardCap and SoftCap?
Since we are not a startup, there is no SoftCap. The project has already spanned three years of investment and development, and additional funds raised by the ICO can speed up the process. The project will be realized in any case. The hardcap is € 39 million (former € 90 million).

Is there an audit of the Smart Contract?
Yes, the Token Smart Contract was independently audited by MaibornWolff.


Is there a minimum investment?
Yes, you have to invest at least 200 €.

Is there a discount if I want to invest larger sums?
If you want to invest more than € 100,000, please contact us directly: ico@weltderwunder.de

When will the tokens be distributed?
All 40 million tokens have already been minted (created). The distribution of tokens is automated in tranches. By the end of May, all community pre-sale participants should receive their tokens.

Which exchange rate will be billed at ETH and BTC Invests and when will this be updated?
For the calculation, the rate is taken by Kraken (a crypto exchange) and updated every 30 seconds.

Will I receive confirmation after my investment?
If you invest in cryptocurrency, you will receive a confirmation immediately afterwards. With a bank transfer a confirmation after receipt of money takes place.

Can I change my wallet address afterwards?
For security reasons, a subsequent change of the recipient's address is not possible.

How can user receive further information?
User can register for our newsletter on our homepage; User can talk to the community and us on social media, our telegram channel.

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